The Fabled Seven

The Lands of Tera
Basic information on each land region

The year is 458 A.T (After Titans)

Belmont: Where the story begins, the land of the king. Belmont is home to the grand tombs, it is where the greatest heroes in all of Tera. It is a very mountain filled area, although hills and grassland are also common. It is easily the most protected and watched after sector of the western nations.

Tyrell: Land of half-orcs, brutal snowy fortresses laying in the intimidating mountain sides. There’s currently a dispute between half-orc and giant tribes over who is the true ruler of the North. A long time ago, there where a much more diverse set of tribes but the savage races were forced in to a union after the King went to war with any who denied his rule that forced everyone under the King’s rule and failed to become more “civilized”.

Fairly: Strange phenomenons dwell in the old small towns of this land, some speak of blood sucking humans, men turning in to beasts, and mysterious floating lights in the night sky. Cold and thick pines litter this land, most buildings are crafted from wood and fit a more relaxing village setting.

Monmort: Goblins return here after the great rebellion of the savage races, they were claimed as slaves for being the greatest offenders in the war long ago. Although now in chains, they are a very proud people. Their heritage is long and something they do not take likely, their mannerisms and customs are themed after the vikings of Earth.

Olywn: Farmlands and outposts, it remains a relativity peaceful set of land due to it’s major protection from the King’s men. Although troubling things are amongst the crops, giants and wild things have been rumored to be attacking and stealing farmers in the night, but these are nothing but rumors.. I’m sure.

Boneyard: A rock in its final resting place, it was actually once a signature weapon of the great titan “Mobo”. It rests peacefully as an artificial island, the magic left in the rocks is powerful enough to bring the dead to undeath. Those brought back by this strange magic felt confused and were often unwelcome in their old homes, many of the undead formed their own government and now reside on the Boneyard.

Gendry: The Great Swamp, home of many pyromancers and druids. The land is unfriendly to the knights of Belmont, many see it as the bastion bastion in the west for the rebels. The swamps are known for gathering a not so reputable set of characters of thieves and thugs. The bogs have many secrets that will make or break many adventures.

Tarth: The Grand city, it remains as a supreme wonder of the world. The men of Belmont built a city that ranges over hundreds of miles, this place is a known for being a fantastic source for any who wish to take a chance and start their own business.

Skaven: Land of animal folk, it is themed after the middle eastern and Egyptian architectural structures and customs. Many strange things come from the sands, many cannot make it in this land. The burning sun, the stinging sand, and the cruel creatures that leave many to never be seen again.

Khal: A land of venom, it is ran by a great serpent Queen who seeked the affection of a foreign prince. The prince was to be wed to another, so she searched far and wide for something to surely gain the prince’s heart. A merchant came to her, he promised an elixir that was said to give her what he heart truly desired. The merchant tricked the Queen, for when she drank the liquid it turned her in to a horrifying beast. Enraged by the merchant’s actions, she ordered the land to be stripped of any beauty and to fill the land with terrible venomous rivers.

Davos: The ruined nation that was the greatest victim of the long and brutal titan war. Very little is still usable and there are almost no cities or settlements left in this land. Only demons, elementals, and creatures from the fire plane still roam the volcanic and ash sprinkled landscape. The land is covered in obsidian and a non-stop rain of ask covers the land.

Sandor: A very lush a tropical land, a great king leads his followers with pride as he continues to ignore the western King’s demands to join unions. The King ignores any instructions by the other and holds his own rule, any are allowed to join his nation but must prove them selves by completing some kind of task. Mostly slaying a powerful creature or regaining a magical item of some sort.

Momoa: A large and vastly empty land of red rocky mountains and hills, it is often mined for it’s plethora of minerals and is the home of the dwarven people. This land is mostly used for mining, but some tell tales of something greater underneath the crimson rocks.


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